We see opportunity in sustainable investing

A holistic approach

Serving our clients’ best interests means integrating our stewardship and engagement practices across our investment platform. We take a holistic approach to advance the sustainable finance ecosystem.

We cultivate thought partnerships within and outside of our industry in pursuit of better investment outcomes.

  • Industry Leaders
    Industry Leaders
  • Scientific Community
    Scientific Community
  • Academia
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We believe investments that foster a sustainable future may be poised to benefit from it. Our sustainable approaches include:

  • Impact Investing
    Impact Investing
  • Thematic Investing
    Thematic Investing
  • ESG Integration and Engagement
    ESG Integration and Engagement
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We aim to assess material ESG issues and influence corporate behavior in ways that unlock value.

  • Risk Assessment
    Risk Assessment
  • Corporate Engagement
    Corporate Engagement
  • Value Enhancement
    Value Enhancement
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A range of investment options

While stewardship and ESG awareness are increasingly part of our firmwide philosophy, we offer a range of dedicated sustainable strategies for clients who want to express their investment intent directly.

Learn more about our approaches:

Four decades of forward thinking

Since the early 1980s, our investment teams have periodically collaborated on a firmwide, interdisciplinary research initiative called Future Themes, exploring bold, provocative ideas to anticipate major global challenges and potential solutions. This tradition, which continues today, informs our sustainable investing research.

  • Launched Global Stewards
  • Launched Broader Perspectives
  • Began managing Vanguard Global ESG Select Stock
  • Wendy Cromwell elected to PRI Board
  • Began climate research initiative with Woods Hole Research Center
  • Launched Global Impact Bond
  • Launched Low-Carbon Systematic Emerging Markets
  • Signed Statement of Support for Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)
  • Began collaborating on Harvard Business School case study
  • Joined the Global Impact Investment Network (GIIN)
  • Launched Global Impact
  • Signed the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI)
  • Formalized environmental, social, and governance (ESG) Research team
  • Launched Climate Strategy**
  • ** Formerly Global Environmental Opportunities
  • Became subadvisor for Domini equity fund
  • Launched a Shari'ah-compliant global equity strategy, collaborating with Harvard University scholars and the Islamic Development Bank
1970s - present
  • Research sustainability via Future Themes

Why the market gets sustainable investing wrong

When market participants lack, discount, or ignore relevant data, the resulting information gaps create asset mispricing that active managers may exploit to generate alpha for clients.

Our director of sustainable investment addresses five key inefficiencies in the sustainable investing universe and explains how we believe investors can take advantage of them.

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We support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The 17 UN SDGs are a blueprint for raising global economic growth, lowering inequality, and protecting the environment for future generations.

Learn why our investment professionals think the SDGs are such an important framework, and how we work to support them.

In practice

Understanding how the physical risks of climate change will affect asset prices

Working with Woods Hole Research Center, we are studying how the physical effects of climate change — heat, drought, flooding, and other variables — will affect capital markets and asset prices.

By integrating climate science data with financial data and using those findings in our investment process, we hope to help companies identify, measure, and manage their exposure to these risks and be able to relay that information to capital providers, investors, and regulators.

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Gain insight

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Why the market gets sustainable investing wrong

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Physical Risks of Climate Change

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